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The company operates in the field of fiber optics telecommunications, and offers construction and excavation works for building optical cable routes, building LAN networks and Structured Cabling System, installation of optical telecommunications equipment and optic cable line parametric control.

Cable laying

Laying optic cables and HDPE

Cable installation

Installation of aerial cable

Optical technologies

Optical splice closures - Preparation, conduction, sizing, arrangement and sealing

Residential building

Building routes to residential entrance routes, manholes, reserves, trenches facade boxes optical cables in basement boxes, stickers boxes for subscriber access cable ducts, patchcords

Installation of subscribers

Installation and arrangement of RACKs inside and outdoor cabinet and installation of new domestic subscribers in a LAN network/Television, Internet, VoIP options


Measurement with Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)


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The company currently employs 130 highly qualified, proven experts in the field of research, consulting, planning, design and construction of optical routes. We have our own team of subscriber building technicians, junior and senior technicians, electrician, Fiber optic splicing technicians , team of engineers specialized in the ICT field. Our model for management and development, provide wide opportunities while demonstrating our commitment to attract, develop and retain our employees as the best in the branch. Our team consists of professionals highly motivated to achieve good results.

Main Activities

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01. Commissioning

Commissioning of established networks with relevant protocol test samples, implemented projects and testing of indoor infrastructure for subscriber access.

02. Feasibility

Feasibility study of the envisaged for powering buildings, routes to build optical connectivity, as well as preparation of technical solutions for the realization of optical networks.

03. Consulting

Consulting stage of preliminary discussions of the systems requested by the client and options for technical implementation according to the architecture.

04. Stragetic planning

Strategic planning of optical networks, studies of the terrain, assistance in obtaining permits and legalization.

05. Design

Design preparation of investment and business projects, coordination and legalization of optical routes and networks.

06. Architectural supervision

Architectural supervision control of implementation of technical projects, measurement and certification of finished optical routes and networks.

07. Building

Building technical implementation of coordinated and approved work projects provided by clients

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